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New „By Fire and sword” sets


A few new „By Fire and sword” sets have just been delivered to the stores! Those of you who

play the Muscovites, or would like to start playing the Kingdom of Sweden fraction will be

particularly excited!

I. Muscovite High Command

The Muscovite army was commanded by the tsar himself. However, during campaigns

trusted voivodes, appointed by the ruler, led in his stead. They were granted the title

of the first voivode and commanded the so called great regiment. Voivodes’ regiments

(equivalents of a division) were commanded by voivodes. Ordinary regiments (pulk) were

led by colonels called golova. In new pattern regiments the officer corps was similar to the

one in Western European armies – regiments were commanded by colonels (oberst) or

lieutenant colonels.





II. Muscovite Reiters

Muscovite Reiters – this formation was created in Moscow in 1632, however it did not

appear in larger numbers until after 1654, during the war with Poland and Lithuania.

The reiters were the main strike force of Muscovite cavalry in the second half of the

17th Century. It was organized according to Western European model; also many

of the officers were foreigners. Units were disciplined, well trained and armed – mostly

with imported weapons. Reiters were equipped with long firearms (arquebuses),

a pair of pistols and a backsword or saber. Armor included a metal Western pattern

helmet and a breastplate.



III.Sweden Kingdom Skirmish

Swedish Skirmish Set is a great start for everyone who wants to begin an adventure

with "By Fire and Sword". The set includes the basis of a Detachment – one of the

variants of a Swedish skirmish force. It lets you play at this level of the game.

The set includes a Colonel, two Reiter companies, two Dragoon companies

and a 3pdr regimental gun with crew.

Reiters were the basic Swedish cavalry unit in the 17th century. National reiters – Swedish

and Finnish did not use any armor in this period and wore only a leather jerkin.

On their heads they wore felt hats instead of the much more expensive helmets.
Their armament included a pair of pistols and a backsword. In combat Swedish

reiters usually charged with drawn swords but sometimes also used their pistols.

Dragoons - Mounted infantry called dragoons were perfect support for the Swedish

cavalry. Mobility was its main advantage – it was able to keep up with cavalry on

the march and dismount later to provide fire support on the battlefield.

Regimental gun – easy to transport,  provided good support for cavalry and

infantry. Fire of regimental artillery greatly increased the firepower of musketeers.

The guns could shoot case-shot shot and cannonballs.



By Fire and Sword Team


We have five new sets of figures to show you.


We have five new sets of figures to show you.

The first one is Petyhorcy cavalry set for the Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth army. This long-awaited set can be deployed with lances both on the Skirmish
and Divisional level, making the Lithuanian forces a very dangerous enemy.





The second set includes new Tatar cavalry figures. Several new poses
are available making this basic Crimean Khanate unit more varied.




The other three sets include Polish, Cossack and Swedish Artillery
Crews for gun blisters.


Cossack artillerymen



Swedish artillerymen








Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth artillerymen



By Fire and Sword Team


New information on By Fire and Sword


New information on By Fire and Sword

New products:

We are preparing the following sets:

Muscovite Reiters


Muscovite High Command


Swedish Skirmish Force

There will also be a new set of banners - for the Muscovites as you
have probably guessed.

If everything goes according to plan they should hit the shelves by
the end of March.

Next you will see:

Petyhorcy Cavalry
Ottoman Skirmish Force
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Light Artillery
Swedish Light Artillery
Cossack Light Artillery

Beautiful metal orders markers for every faction will also supplement
our range. The markers are double-sided with an emblem of the faction
on one side and the order marking on the other.

These sets should arrive in April/May.



We will keep you informed so check our website and Facebook profile.

Problems with terrain elements

For some time now we are having problems with the production of resin
terrain elements for By Fire and Sword. Unfortunately, despite our
best efforts, we are unable to find a reliable producer for those
This results in constant delays in the delivery of orders concerning
this part of out range.
That's a real shame as we have 12 new sets ready including the long
awaited noble's manor and watermill.

By Fire and Sword Team


Army of Muscovy

Army of Muscovy

We are happy to announce that the first sets for the Army of Muscovy from

our 17th Century Fire and Sword series have just been released, along with a

double-sized box containing a Polish skirmish set (a mix of basic units meant as a

starter set for the Polish Commonwealth army). The next Russian boxes will make

their appearance in March, so stay tuned!


Muscovian leaders



Boyar sons



Border dragoons



Polish skirmish set



By Fire nd Sword team






This time we would like to present you the latest Deli ("the mad ones") figures for the

Ottoman Empire army. As always we took care to present all details according to

historical facts. The new figures represent an elite light clad in hides of wild animals

and bird feathers attached to their hats. This formation was stationed mainly near the

borders with Christian countries.

They gained their unique renown by their insane charges against often numerically

superior enemy. They ingested large amounts of drugs and self-mutilated themselves

before battles thus spreading terror among their enemies.

These mad riders are already available in the Wargamer web store.



By Fire nd Sword team


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