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Rulebook preview - the Ottoman skirmish lists

Here is another preview of the Rulebook content. This time on of the Ottoman skirmish lists.
We are still working on the composition, all we have left is the Muscovite army and proofreading of the whole book. Keep your fingers crossed!

By Fire and Sword team.




We have another preview for you. This time something for the Tartars – here is the Nogai raiding party which is a Tatar, or in fact Nogai, equivalent of a regiment. This regiment can be used as a readymade Skirmish level army.

We are “running at full steam”. More information will appear soon.

By Fire and Sword team



Levy of Nobility / Voluntaries

We have just completed the production of the altered Levy of Nobility / Voluntaries set for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces. The set now includes 9 figures designs, 4 of them are brand new and the rest is altered. Especially note the gentleman with the wine-skin :)

By Fire and Sword team



Polish and Swedish Drgoons in blisters

We received some critical comments on the content of the Polish and Swedish dragoons boxes. We will change this as soon as the stock we already have is sold. In the meantime we decided to help you in deploying those essential troops and we are releasing single companies in separate blisters. The pack will include a dragoon company (6 mounted and 6 foot figures).

You can find the packs HERE (Swedish) and HERE (Polish)

By Fire and Sword team



News - new Swedish command

During the short breaks we had while working on the rulebook we were able to make some changes to the existing figures sets. This time we changed commander figures in all Swedish infantry sets.

Anyone who would like to have this great set in his collection should place an order on our website for any By Fire and Sword sets for a total amount of EUR 50 and the officers set will be added as a bonus to such an order.
The offer is valid until the 10th of August.

By Fire and Sword team



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