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New distributor

We are pleased to announce that our game is currently also available from our German partner – Frontline Hobby -> www.frontlinegames.de

We are constantly working on introducing By Fire and Sword figures into the offer of more distributors around the world.

By Fire and Sword team



New, improved sets

More photographs of improved sets. This time KOZ-4 Moloitsy.

By Fire and Sword team


New molds

As we mentioned a few times before we keep supplementing and changing the existing sets in order to improve them. Why do we do this? Why do we waste time on this instead of introducing new products? Metal figures require making new molds from time to time as the old ones become worn. While making a new mold we add some changes in order to make the set more attractive. This process will not end as a mold lasts for about 500 to 700 castings. At the moment we are changing the molds of the oldest sets. We will regularly show you photos of the changed sets. We begin with – POL-7 – Cossack Style Cavalry with spears.

Of course the figures look even better in reality.

By Fire and Sword team


Hamburger Tactica 2011

We would like to inform you that our models from By Fire and Sword line would be available on Tactica 2011 in Hamburg.

Models would be present on stand of our co-operant: Frontline Games from Germany.

By Fire and Sword team


Sets of tents

Our terrain elements range increased by 7 sets of tents. We offer 2 series of tents, that for the sake of simplicity we called eastern style and western style. We also plan to make Turkish tents and small tents for Tatars and Cossacks.

Sets list:

TER-23  Western style military tents big
TER-24  Western style military tents medium
TER-25  Western style military tents small
TER-26  Eastern style military tents big
TER-27  Eastern style military tents 1
TER-28  Eastern style military tents 2
TER-29  Eastern style military tents 3

By Fire and Sword team


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