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Rulespack for "Pola Chwały" tournament

Rulespack for "Pola Chwały" tournament

We have just published rulespack for "Commonwealth’s First Saber” two-day division level tournament that will take place during the 10th “Pola Chwały” (Fields of Glory) convention in Niepołomice by Kraków on 26-27 September



We'll publish more information about event and prizes at the begining of the next week

By Fire and Sword Team



News from By Fire and Sword Team


News from By Fire and Sword Team

1.New releases – during the next year you may expect a wave of new realeases every month (largely sets unlocked during our KS campaign, but not only those of course!). Next wave of releases will be announced at the end of August.

2.Of course we're also preparing brand news sets and refreshing old ones. Below you can see news models from SWE-4 set (reiters with arquebuses), they will replace current models within few weeks.

3.Changes in „By Fire and Sword” Team. Due to lot of other tasks Michał „Kadrinazi” Paradowski has decided he will no longer be moderator and administrator of our forum and will focus exclusively on writing new materials. All questions regarding BFaS forum should be addressed to Michal „Glorfindel” Molenda

4. Pola Chwały (Division level tournament, 26-27 of September at Niepołomice Castle near Kraków) - we will have more news (including rulespack) at the begining of the next week.

5. „Armies of By Fire and Sword” We have finished preparation materials for the first chapter of the AoBFaS. Materials have been sent already to Rafał (our graphic) and Maciek (our interpreter). Work on the next chapters is also quite advanced.

By Fire and Sword Team


New historical Skirmish Force - Swedish defense of Karelia in 1656


New historical Skirmish Force - Swedish defense of Karelia in 1656

We're happy to present to you today the winner in our Historical Skirmish Force competition.

Authors: Juha Heinänen and Samu Somppi have done an excellent job preparing description of the Swedes and Muscovites forces, fighting during the first summer of the Russo-Swedish war of 1656-1658 in Finland.

Both Swedes and Muscovites players should be very happy withthese forces. Swedes receive force with defensive skirmish rule and Muscovites are able to use – for the first time on the Skirmish level – units of dvorians and town streltsy as well and brand new and very interesting unit of the cossack boatmen.

We hope you will like both forces and we will see them during your battles. That's the best way you can express your appreciation for Juha and Samu's hard work! Also, we are waiting for pictures of both Skirmish Sets painted by you!

Of course, both forces will appear in our publicationArmies of By Fire and Sword”.

You can download pdf here


By Fire and Sword Team
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New sets in our online store!

New sets in our online store!

Today we have added new products to our online store. All miniatures were previously available ONLY for our Kickstarter campaign backers.

Terrains had their premiere at Historicon.

SIE-6 Kurtany Cavalry
SIE-11 Hungarian Seimeni
SIE-13 Transylvanian commanders
IMP-5 Imperial Cuirassiers


TER-39 Tatar/Cossacks officer tents
TER-44 Set of roads





here is a direct link to our webstore:


By Fire and Sword Team
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Historicon 2015 - summary

Historicon 2015  - summary

North America Announcement: Historicon 2015 was officially a success!

We knew we had a high bar set for us this year at Historicon, but we met and exceeded all of our expectations! The fans and the players were by far the most amazing part of the whole event! It was an honor to speak with all of you and the By Fire and Sword staff was electrified by the love of history, gaming, strategy and fun from the fans!

Thank you all again so much, to each and every one of you who came out to Historicon to spend time with us. We will definitely be at Historicon 2016 and will be releasing our US convention schedule soon!

We also want to send a special thanks to:

• Karl for his battle between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth vs Cossacks, demos at our booth and most of all for allowing
players to use his amazing personal collection to experience the game firsthand during our biggest Historicon tournament ever!

• Scott for preparing and hosting the Battle of Vienna, which was a huge success and a talk of the show!

• Jeff for demos during the event.

• A very special thanks to all of the players who took part in our annual Historicon tournament, whether brand new or a veteran to the game, we truly appreciate your participation!

We have uploaded pictures from Historicon to our website - you may see them here




By Fire and Sword Team





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