UWAGA - przeglądarka ma wyłączoną obsługą JAVASCRIPT

Do prawidłowego działania strony, niezbędna jest włączona obsługa JAVASCRIPT w przeglądarce.

New sets in our online store - PRESALE

New sets in our online store - PRESALE

Here are new sets which will be available in our webstore from the 4th of February.

SWE-12 Swedish Skirmish Set (set includes new models of dragoons)



OTT-15 Azabs with Polearms


BRA-9 Brandenburgian High Command



KOZ-13 Cossack Wagon Train



KOZ-14 Cossack Camp Master (limited)



We made this set for those of you who already own enough wagon trains and don't want to buy whole Cossack Wagon Train set just to get one base of Camp master. Set is „one cast only” set and will not be re-released.

We would like to remind you also about our BFaS Calendar. You can also get him for free if you buy BFaS products for at least 65 euro.




"By Fire and Sword" Team

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